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Radiant. Powerful. Commanding. Gorgeous. Intelligent. When Miss Dana Owens hit the pavement back in the 80’s, she was a true ground-breaker. She became the very first female rap artist to win a Grammy. And she did it the old-fashioned way, she earned it!  As Queen Latifah, she built herself, and her name, from the ground up. I have nothing but respect for this beautiful woman.

Also the face of CoverGirl Cosmetics, her presence in the makeup industry inspires women like us every day. She is at the forefront of a media revolution that is gearing up for acceptance of all women, and for that, we thank her!


WoW! (Wednesday’s Woman)


There are so many glamorous actresses – but in the real world, nobody looks like that.  I want to inspire girls who don’t think they’re cool or pretty.  – Rebel Wilson

Where on earth do I start? Rebel Wilson has more moxie in her pinky toe than ten thousand burlesque shows.  Her sense of humor alone is enough to make us love her, but kudos to her for pulling out all of the stops in plus-girl fashion circles. She wears whatever she damn well pleases and makes no excuses for her brash brand of beauty.

What I really love about this Aussie bombshell is that million-watt smile – she knows how to rock a grin!  While I sometimes wonder who’s behind the makeup/hair chair in some of her shoots, I have to admit, she can pull off some looks that I would never even dream of trying. Yes, I am jealous.

It is my sincere hope that she continues to steal the spotlight everywhere she goes for many years to come – I don’t want to imagine a world without this outrageous beauty!