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Facing Your Beauty


Cruising around the internet, or the world for that matter, we are exposed to so many ideas about what true beauty really is. In terms of how we look, we all have our own ideas. But if we’re going to get down to it, and you better believe we are, our first notion of beauty lies in what we see and how we look. It’s okay, we’re only human.

For those lucky enough to be born with a fantastic set of genes, congratulations. You have already won half the battle. I’m not talking body types here, I’m talking about our faces. If we’re lucky, it’s the first thing that gets noticed. But there are those of us who didn’t get perfect bone structure, unblemished skin, luxurious hair, full lips, sparkling eyes and a proportionate nose. Some of us just have to work harder at it. It is what it is. So what do we do? Simple. We work with what we’ve got.

When you look in the mirror, what stands out? What feature do you like the most? What would you like to hide? I recommend taking a good, long gaze at your face. Find that one thing that stands out, good or bad, and start there. As much as we’d like to accept ourselves, we are our own worst critics. Start by deciding what you want to project to the world. Do you have a gorgeous smile? Are your eyes your most inviting asset? Is your hair a mane of perfection? Is there a certain feature that your friends or family constantly compliment? Even if you claim to hate what you see, you have to remember that we are all a blank canvas until we make something more of it.

Personally, I have a so-so face. I’m okay with that. Most days I’m too lazy to give it the attention it deserves. My skin used to be clear but I have recently started breaking out, so dealing with it is new to me. My eyes have always been my best feature but my eyelashes have begun to grow in pointing straight down (ugh!). My face structure is decent, some shading and highlighting is all it takes to play it up. My lips are not perfectly symmetrical but are semi-full and easy to correct with some lip liner and gloss. Overall, I have the ability to look like a knockout if I try really hard. But I usually don’t. So, yeah, my naked face is not my favorite. Most days my limp hair is thrown up into a ponytail. I know there are a lot of women out there just like me. We just have to teach ourselves to emphasize the positive, to try new products and techniques until we find what works for us.

I guess where I’m going with this is that it’s hard enough to lug around a plus-size body, an “imperfect” shape, and a sometimes fashion-impaired wardrobe. The least I can do is put on a lovely face. We’re worth it, aren’t we? We need to take the time to keep a routine, to pamper and primp. If I make it a habit to try to look good every day, even if I don’t leave the house, then I’ll probably feel more beautiful in general. And feeling beautiful always looks good, right?

So I pledge, and I’m taking baby-steps here, to make sure I do a little something just for myself every day. It’s so easy to get in to a rut when you’re not excited about all of the effort. This will definitely be a learning experience for me.