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WoW! (Wednesday’s Woman)



As if I need to tell you, this Wednesday’s Woman is the incomparable Adele.

Why we love her: Not only because we could listen to her sultry crooning all day long, but also because she is a stunning fashion icon for curvy women everywhere!

Brownie Points: The girl has moxie! She is one of the only women in the music industry to thumb her nose at the notion that she needs to slim down to be taken seriously.

Even if you’re not her biggest fan, you have to admit that she is ten different kinds of beautiful. I would sell an arm to have her hair… or her wardrobe! And let’s not ignore the fact that her makeup is flawless. Sure, that’s likely thanks to the person hired to paint her face, but she clearly has her own input there – we never see her in “costume” makeup or outrageous colors. She keeps it real. One of the reasons I adore her look is that she knows how to play up her features and flatter her face and body. In this photo, she demonstrates the quintessential every-day look that so many of us strive for! For me, she’s the total package.