About Us

Welcome to VV! If you’re one of the millions of women considered “plus size” by the retail sector, then you have come to the right place! No, I’m not here to preach or browbeat – I’ll leave that to the uninformed masses – but I am here to help, support, and encourage women from all walks of life to love their bodies. Even more so, I’m sick and tired of us women being treated like second-class citizens! We have a voice, and we’re not afraid to use it.

As the majority of our population, it’s time to take a stand. We need to demand more from our peers. We deserve to live our lives without shame, without hiding ourselves, without boundaries!  The fashion, retail, and media industries have done so much to harm our self-worth and self-esteem. How do we take control of these beasts? We open our mouths and close our wallets! (Ahem, Abercrombie :::cough:::). Lets stop giving our money up to companies who ignore our existence. Let’s start making our real needs known and stop settling for whatever they throw at us.  We are worthy of beauty, comfort, and recognition!

The VV blog is here to get the ball rolling. I will be featuring plus-friendly fashion, beauty tips tailored to OUR needs, and sharing ways to honor our minds and bodies. Don’t expect me to mince words or sugar coat things – I call it like I see it. This is NOT a weight-loss journey. This is all about acceptance, improvement, and pushing past it all to celebration!

So, come in, pull up a chair and flaunt those curves!



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